What’s the Project?

The Rwandan Children’s Project (RCP) was founded by a small group of people who believe that every child, regardless of where they are born, deserves the chance to have a good education. The RCP works with our partner organisation Dufatanye Inshuti Z’Abana (which translates as “Friends of the Children Association”) to improve education for orphaned and vulnerable children in Rwamagana town in Eastern Rwanda. Most of the RCP’s fundraising activities are based in Ireland.

The RCP and DIZA have agreed 3 main goals: to build a nursery and primary school, to enable DIZA to become financially self-sustaining and to support the educational needs of vulnerable and orphaned children. The RCP relies on the work of volunteers to raise the money for these projects.  All administrative costs are covered by the founder members of the RCP meaning that 100% of every donation goes to Rwanda.


Our Main Goal

Our main objective is the construction of the “Friends of the Children International School (FCIS).”  FCIS is a nursery and primary school which opened its doors in January 2011 with one class.  As of January 2015 we have seven classrooms open.  We plan to have a total of nine classrooms which will accommodate Nursery 1-3 and Junior 1-6 classes.

The school receives no government support, and is funded through an innovative funding model where 1/3 of children are drawn from a list of orphaned and vulnerable children and pay no fees, 1/3 pay fees but these are paid on their behalf by international sponsors, and 1/3 pay fees. This ensures a good social mix, and a sustainable business model.


Other Work

Multi-Purpose Hall

The RCP intends to aid DIZA and the Friends of the Children International School to become self-sufficient through the construction and of a multi-purpose hall, which, as well as being used by the school,  will be rented out for weddings and large meetings. These projects will also create badly-needed jobs.

Sponsorship of Vulnerable and Orphaned Children

Since 1997 DIZA has been supporting orphaned and vulnerable children to get an education through payment of their school fees, school materials and transport costs. Some members of the RCP have previously sponsored children and continue to do so through the RCP. Although child sponsorship is not our major focus we can accomodate anyone wishing to sponsor a vulnerable or orphaned child.


The End Game

It is envisaged that the Rwandan Children’s Project will have a limited life-span. Once the school and revenue generating projects are up and running well, we will wrap up the project. We want to allow hard work and innovation to reap their own rewards rather than create dependency.