Mission Accomplished April 2018

We are now winding up the RCP. We have transferred remaining funds in the bank account to Rwamagana, closed down the bank account and are completing the formalities with the charity regulator. When the charity has been running well and making a real impact on the lives of children in Rwamagana, why would we want to close down? It has always been the plan of the RCP to be a time limited project. We want the legacy of this work to last for generations which is why the school has been run from the start on a sustainable financial model. Any institution that is financially dependent on international donors will face trouble in the long term when that funding inevitably declines or ends. So we’ve done what we set out to do, and very honestly, the school that our friends in Dufatanye Inshuti Z’Abana have built with our support has surpassed our wildest dreams. It is alive with learning, fun and opportunity. It couldn’t have happened without you.

Thank You From The RCP

It has been an incredible nine years. There are so many people to thank. We’ve made a video to try to express our gratitude – click on the image above or https://youtu.be/PzVe8LpBbhU. If we have missed your name, please do forgive us, we have not forgotten you. We’ve done something important here – nearly 400 students benefit from your support everyday, as they will every school day for decades to come. They are getting a high quality education that simply wasn’t previously available. Well done one and all!