April 2017 Update

I think we can all be proud of what we have achieved with the Rwandan Children’s Project. Friends of the Children International School now has all nine classrooms (Nursery 1-3 and Primary 1-6) completed and open. We have finished the main part of our work, funding the construction of these classrooms, as well a number of other smaller projects. In total up to the end of March we’ve raised €87,387, a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed. Here’s what remains to be done.

Staff room: Some initial work already completed. To finish will cost €2,590.

Toilets:  Construction of 10 latrines (8 for students, 2 for staff) will cost €8,630.

Kitchen: Foundation already constructed, €4,935 is required to finish this.

Water Tanks: A water harvest system which will collect water from the classroom roofs which can then be used for clean and washing. It also helps to protect the buildings. This will cost €3,890.

So this comes to a total of €20,045. It’s certainly a lot of money. Think of it this way though, out of a total of €107,432 needed, we’ve already raised 81%. Only 19% to go!

If you’ve been thinking that you’d like to contribute to this one day, today’s the day! Let’s all get this over the finish line together.

In the long term we are also looking at the cost and feasibility of building a multi-purpose hall, which as well as providing an important facility for the school, could be rented out to generate funds for ongoing running of the school.